Sex and the City vs. Girls: Its no longer about “Happily Ever After”

The world is changing. Before men and women played very generic roles in television and that cannot be said today in modern entertainment. You could say the days of I love Lucy are long gone. Not only are women’s roles flip-flopping with males, they are expanding in complexity and realistically. Although on the exterior, the two shows are generally very similar, a group of women in New York, their problems with men and everyday life. Both have a writer protagonist whose behaviors are often thought of as egocentric and childish. The shows however, embody different values as well as differ in the overall message of the show. Given that the shows aired a decade apart, Sex and the City’s message is more fictional, something like “we control our lives and any problems we face, we get through with the help from our friends.” The message in Girls is more relatable to the real world, “we’re lost in the world in every possible way and things might never get better.” Moreover, the difference is that Carrie manages to be admired by fans and is something of a role model, while Hannah is more often criticized than admired. Why is it so? The viewers are mostly women, yet so many of us favor the unrealistic example of a woman even to this day. Maybe because for so long we have been conditioned by television that that is what we should aspire to be rather than to be ourselves, whatever that might be for each of us?


“I’m an individual and I feel how I feel when I feel it.” – Hannah

29 Incredibly Relatable Quotes from Girls

The character Hannah in ‘Girls’ is chubby, mostly make-up free, and has a unique style, that consist of many outfits that look as if they’d been taken from her grandmothers closet. She is often naked, baring it all to give the show a more realistic feel. Carrie on the other hand has always been “style crazed” wearing expensive designer shoes and coats. Even with her make-up off she looks good and never has a problem with her weight. The matter of age is something of a factor, as ‘Girls’ are about women in their twenties, whilst ‘Sex and the City’ female cast is of women in their thirties, which places them in very different points in their lives. The relationship between the two groups also can be said to be very different from each other. The newer show about women is trying very hard to show a very realistic, even pessimistic portrayal of life, as well as  friendship. The Girls are often seen getting into fights that last beyond a full episode, and often go on many episodes there after. It brings a realistic concept that even friendship isn’t always the “most precious” thing in the world, one day you love your friends, the next you want to run away and get some better ones. Contrary to ‘Sex in the City’ where Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda’s fights never expand beyond the 22 minutes of each episode.

The times are changing and so is our television. We no longer see the same roles nor do we see women as the only ones being objectiFIED, rather them being the “objectiFIERS”.  The more realistic the female character is the more society will change with it. Television altered our world many decades ago, and although this technology is accidental, the uses of it are symptomatic due to the core nature of human beings. We have grown accustomed to grouping and separating each other, especially between reality and fiction. Putting reality back into television could be a way to bring reality back to the people.


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