Netflix and its’ Leading Ladies

Are you bored of prime-time television and repeated storytelling of regular TV?

Turn to Netflix, as it is steadily rising in popularity and creating loyal viewers!

Big Networks like ABC, CBS, CW and NBC no longer decide the kinds of series I chose to spend my time on. Often my favorite shows like Life Unexpected get cancelled too soon, and I’m left contemplating why I bothered wasting my time watching in the first place. Netflix not only revived and bought the rights to several television series that were previously cancelled, they gave several directors and screenwriters the economic means and freedom to create new uncensored content that brought in many of the viewers that were tired of played out sitcoms produced by the big TV networks. Moreover, television shows that are aired in different countries can be watched instantly and in full by the powers of Netflix.  Television shows such as The Killing, The Fall, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Sense8, Orange is the New Black, The OA, The Crown, Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life, and many others are examples of Netflix’s’ support for women by exhibiting such diversity and originality in roles portrayed by females.

You don’t want to mess with the women in these TV shows!

Whether the female role is of a crime detective, a super hero, or the women in a women’s prison, they all break free of old stereotypes  female’s usually get in the entertainment industry. In fact, Netflix released their Emmy’s video titled “She Rules” which highlights nominated Netflix original television series with females as the leading ladies of the shows. They even created a hashtag #SheRules to celebrate women. At 00:53 the ad states “Here’s to the women who rule our screens” which further proves how far women have come in television.

In the CNN Entertainment article “Netflix ad steals the show at Emmys,” Joshua Berlinger writes that even though Netflix didn’t win big during the Emmys, it sure made headlines on Twitter. He further states, “The ad comes as the issue of diversity in Hollywood has come to the forefront in recent years, and was very well received on social media.” Furthermore, in the article on Huffington Post titled “The Epic Netflix Ad Celebrates the Power of Women on TV,” claims the ad to be “brilliant.” In order to understand these developments in television for women, one must watch some of these great shows to see for themselves. As a fanatic of television series, I’ve gotten bored of overplayed plots and foreseen endings. What Netflix brings is originality, and if you are also bored and looking for something new and refreshing to fill your time with, I strongly suggest you have a night of “Netflix&chill.” I promise you wont regret it!


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