Institutions and Organizations that Help Further and Improve the Role of Women on and off Screen.

The power each individual has in changing the world and breaking old norms and roles is tremendous, however, this is only achieved by few. This is because we underestimate our own ability to change the wrongful and unjust ways people and institutions conduct business even to this day.

We have come a long way since the dark ages of first few decades of television and film(1950-), where the production and distribution processes were conducted by the few elite Networks, mainly run by men. The world of television has been slowly changing, where is now there are easier ways for women and different minorities to get their foot in the door of Hollywoods world of television production and entertainment. Even though inequality still exists, it is harder to get away with favouring gender and preference in race, when concerning hiring people. Also, gender studies are a popular subject studied in school across the world. Organisations and websites such as The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film,  help empower and teach women about the importance of equal opportunity in the television industry. The web site’s “About” page writes about Dr.Lauzen who began this oranization after doing research on women’s empowerment and representation in film and television, found that at the beginning of her study not much was available on this issue in terms of scholarly works.Now, this discussion gained momentum and now there is a variety or sources and organizations that help support the cause. The center is located at San Diego State University, which is the home to the oldest and most in-depth study of women in film and television. Furthermore, if you just go onto Google and type in “Women’s organization’s in terms of film and equal opportunity, a Wikipedia page pops up titled Women’s Film Organizations, where there anyone can find a list in alphabetical order of all the past and present organizations that help further the study of women and their empowerment in the workplace.

Logo taken from the center’s website page

I guess where I wanted to go with this blog entry is to instil a feeling in readers that doing something and “breaking” stereotypes and helping to improve gender equality is something each of us is capable of doing. Go out join an Organization! or Go start your own! It doesn’t have to be about women or even television. Following our passion will drive us to our destined selves.  The headlines on the website for the center on women in television reads, “Equal opportunity through knowledge and research”.

7 Divided media landscape fopr jpg

This chart I found on Women’s Media Center web page, in an article titled “Women’s Role in U.S. Media: Still Dismal? Getting Stronger?” The WMC releases a yearly report on the status of women in American media. This report was done for the 2015 year, showing that although numbers continue to rise, the media landscape is still dominated by male voices.



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