The Truth About Women in Media Today

The problems with women’s role in daily life is with how it is projeceted on to us by different industries and corporations. The news industry still has a mainly male dominating field still to this day. Yes, women such as Opera Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres have broken countless walls to reach their successes. Recently it was the 20th Anniversary of Ellen’s famous coming out cover of Time Magazine “Yep, I’m Gay.” That point of her career was either a hit or miss, thankfully it was a hit.

Especially in the 90s, media industry were although experimental with ideas of sexuality and diversity, were still broadcasting networks and broadcasting media forms that were strictly guided. Now, thanks to the new medias such as YouTube, Podcast, Twitter, blog, etc. People can become famous and be heard. Hollywood executives are still for the most part mainly white and male. Women are on camera only 32% of the time in evening broadcast news, and write 37% of print stories news stories. Between 2013 and 2014, female bylines and other credits increased just a little more than 1%. At the New York Times, more than 67% of bylines are male. Also, men still dominate “hard news”



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