My name is Yevgeniya Obukhova, 22 year old student currently enrolled in John Cabot University in Rome. I’m currently a junior, having only 2 semesters left before I graduate next May 2018. I was born in Ukraine, but spent most of my primitive years living abroad in countries such as U.S. Poland, and Rome due to my step-fathers position in the State Department. I hope to move back to U.S. after i finish my studies in Rome. My major is Communications, and I am also interested in Business and Marketing classes.

This is e-portfolio is a display of the assignments I completed during the Spring 2017 semester at John Cabot University. The three assignments – a PSA script, a podcast script, and press kit-discuss topics and issues related to television and the role women play in current society.


The Dangers of Legal Drugs — PSA

Log Line: Call for Americans to learn and understand the dangers of prescription drugs!

Treatment: A mother oblivious to her daughter stealing her OxyContin prescription drugs. The mother calls her daughter to eat breakfast, not knowing that her daughter is in her bathroom taking her OxyContin pills from under her nose. The message is to warn parents about keeping their medications in a safe place where children won’t be tempted to abuse and use their drugs. The screen jumps from the mother and daughter, to a narrator speaker, who presents some facts about the prescription drug abuse in teens and young adults in U.S. and the dangers of this “blind” culture of popping pills.


Women in Television Podcast Show

Log Line: A three segment podcast including an interview, a review, and an editorial on the subject of women in television, precisely on the subject of how they are perceived and represented by the media today.

Treatment: The Women in Television podcast is composed of three segments. First, the podcast features an interview with one of the most successful female producers in Hollywood, Jenji Kohan. Kohan dropped by to discuss her latest series on Netflix Orange is The New Black, and how television bureaucracy operates today. The second segment was a review of the 2015 feature film Suffragette. Last segment brought awareness to a project campaign called “WomenNotObject,” which tries to spread the message to young children about the harmful ways advertisers and commercials impact how they think and speak.


Press kit, Fundraising Event for WAGGGS, Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty and actress of the mini- series adaption, Shailene Woodely.

Log Line: A Press kit created for a potential fundraising event held by John Cabot University to promote and raise money for WAGGGS and get possible coverage by having our event published on PerezHilton.com

Treatment: This press kit includes a cover letter written by me potentially for a real fundraising event addressed to the social media website perezhilton.com, to promote the fundraiser and the WAGGGS global association group that helps women in over 140 countries. A press release and a background page on the book and the series adaptation, as well as on WAGGGS, there goals and recent successes. Also, the press kit contains a paper reflecting the writing process as well the idea behind the potential event.